Museum Mouth – Release New Album For Free Download

MUSEUM MOUTH – Release Sexy But Not Happy / Free Download


* Sexy But Not Happy available for free download @ Bandcamp
* Title track streaming at Alternative Press
* Download “Blood Mountain” at RCRD LBL
* Artwork and track listing released


Southport, NC indie punk band Museum Mouth have digitally released their sophomore album, Sexy But Not Happy, for free download on Bandcamp.

You can check out the title track which is streaming at Alternative Press as well as download “Blood Mountain” over on RCRD LBL.

Furthermore, you can get the “Blood Mountain” single which includes the B-Side “A Place To Keep You” here. Also, the band did a video treatment for another B-side called “Kitchen Floor” which can be viewed here. If you download Sexy But Not Happy “Kitchen Floor” will be included as a limited bonus track.

While Museum Mouth’s 2010 debut, Tears In My Beer, screamed with youthful abandon, the band’s follow-up, Sexy But Not Happy, shows a group in the midst of growing up. Gone are the female vocals and the excitable naivety of youth. The growth is profound and evidenced by the increased musicianship and arrangements contained within Sexy But Not Happy. Drummer Karl Kuehn has taken over full vocal duties now having perfected his chops in the new-wavey side project, SWTHRT, earlier this year. And you can see the new wave tendencies of Kuehn’s SWTHRT project has colored Museum Mouth with a bit more personality. While Tears In My Beer was raw with excitable angst, Sexy But Not Happy practices a bit more mature contemplation. The band hasn’t abandoned those lo-fi sensibilities though, they have just honed their skills. The rawness has become warmth and Museum Mouth have become experts at their craft. Of course, Museum Mouth still knows how to rile up an indie pop/punk dance floor, just listen to the title track for proof of that. They just do so now with a bit more substance behind all the noise.


01. Goodbye, Evan
02. Sexy But Not Happy
03. For Mom
04. Blood Mountain
05. Certain Doom
06. Bigger Problems
07. I Was A Teenage Palidin
08. Blood Hammer
09. Swahili
10. Buzzbrain
11. 2005
12. Hell Hawk

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