The Haunted Continents / Owlbiter – New Digital Single Out Now (Free Download)


• Available for Free / Name-Your-Price Download
• 7″ vinyl coming soon from Forest Park Recordings


Let’s see if you can keep this straight: The Haunted Continents is fronted by James Downes with drummer Matt Cascella keeping time. Owlbiter is fronted by Matt Cascella, accompanied by James Downes on guitar. Confusing, right? Not really – but to make it even more simple, let’s just say you download the new split single from both bands and let your ears figure it out.

Available for free / name-your-price download from Forest Park Recordings – which is also planning a 7″ vinyl version of the split – this digital single features one song from each band and is the follow-up to The Haunted Continents’ The Loudest Year Ever and Owlbiter’s Black Crackers, both of which were released in 2011.

With “Petie and the Gate, “The Haunted Continents contributes more of that sweet, stripped-down mix of ’50s soul and fuzzed-out ’90s alternative that made its 2011 debut LP, The Loudest Year Ever, so fun and memorable. On the (virtual) flip side, Owlbiter chimes in with the bouncy, ’80s pop-tinged indie rocker “Trampoline,” which is infinitely charming, infectious and just a little peculiar. Both tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered with Dave Downham (Young Statues, It’s A King Thing, By Surprise) at Gradwell House Recording in Haddon Heights, NJ.

Two songs. Two bands. Two buddies. James and Matt are The Haunted Continents. Matt and James are Owlbiter. The former plays the the catchiest rock and roll with the fewest moving parts possible. Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly had it going on and the HCs take a serious cue from the legends. Out came the big choruses and moving verses and the band continues to stay true to that grand original ideology: pain and heartbreak sounds so sweet when it’s played loud. As for the latter, imagine if Randy Newman was born in the 80s and had an illegitimate music baby with Stephen Malkmus. The infinitely strange mind of singer and lyricist Matt Cascella is as magnetic as it is hilarious. Three minutes alone with Owlbiter will leave your face exhausted from smiling and your mind yearning one spin after another.

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