One Win Choice – Euro Tour 2012 (05/19 – 06/23)

ONE WIN CHOICE – European Tour Begins On Saturday

• May 19 – June 23 w/ Astpai
• In support of Conveyor LP ( Jump Start Records )
• Watch video interview: “Fest or Bust Tour” w/ D.I. Wireless Podcast


Beginning this Saturday, May 19th, One Win Choice will embark on a month-long trek across Europe in support of its latest full-length, Conveyor, which was released in late 2011 by Jump Start Records. Joining the five piece on tour will be label mates Astpai.

As always, if you’d like to attend a show or speak with the band, drop me a line here.

In other news, One Win Choice was recently featured in Episode 2 of a video series from D.I. Wireless Podcast titled “”Fest or Bust Tour,” which chronicles a road trip to last year’s 10th anniversary of FEST in Gainesville, FL, as well as all the bands and people that make the event so unique. You can watch interviews and live footage of One Win Choice – as well as Restorations, The Great Explainer and The Bouncing Souls – here. Episode 1 can be viewed here.

On a related note, One Win Choice has been confirmed for FEST 11.

Channeling the ethos and intensity of bands such as Strike Anywhere and Refused, and and combining melodic elements not unlike Rise Against or A Wilhelm Scream, Philly’s One Win Choice is a bastion of everything hardcore punk should strive to be. Conveyor burns with an underlying fire and passion, and the term “sonic annihilation” comes to mind more than once during the album’s 33 minute run time. Still, this explosive full-length also frames a group of individuals who have grown immensely as songwriters; these 13 tracks are meticulously crafted, underscored by thought-provoking lyrics and a palpable sincerity.

Listen to “Frame Your Favorite Pictures” (free mp3).

EURO TOUR 2012 w/ Astpai

MAY 19 – Leipzig, Germany @ Atari Rosa w/ Braindead
MAY 20 – Berlin, Germany @ Subversiv w/ Braindead
MAY 22 – Munster, Germany @ Baracke (Astpai only!)
MAY 23 – Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Kafee Aloys
MAY 24 – Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Ondebroek w/ Bridge and Tunnel
MAY 25 – Sint-Niklaaas, Belgium @ OJC Kompas
MAY 26 – Norwich, England @ Olive’s Cafe
MAY 27 – London, England @ The Black Heart
MAY 28 – Bristol, England @ The Croft
MAY 29 – TBA
MAY 30 – Manchester, England @ Kraak Gallery
MAY 31 – Newcastle, England @ TBA
JUN 01 – Glasgow, Scotland @ The Bay
JUN 02 – Edinburgh, Scotland @ Banshee’s Labyrinth
JUN 03 – Lincoln, England @ Crash Doubt Fest
JUN 04 – Leeds, England @ TBA
JUN 05 – Bridgend, Wales @ Hobo’s
JUN 06 – Portsmouth, England @ TBA
JUN 07 – Lille, France @ La Chimere
JUN 09 – Nantes, France @ La Scene Michelet w/ Nine Eleven
JUN 10 – La Rochelle, France @ Le Barbarella
JUN 12 – San Sebastian, Spain @ Mogambo Aretoa
JUN 13 – Toulouse, France @ La Dynamo
JUN 14 – Marseille, France @ O’Bundies
JUN 15 – Bern, Switzerland @ Dead End
JUN 16 – Bludenz, Austria @ Villa K
JUN 17 – Sanguinetto, Italy @ Mamma Mia
JUN 18 – Lugo, Italy @ Lughe
JUN 19 – Italy @ TBA
JUN 20 – Jlubljana, Slovenia @ Gromka
JUN 21 – Graz, Austria @ Sub
JUN 22 – Rotenturm, Austria @ GH Farkas
JUN 23 – Wiener Neustadt, Austria @ Triebwerk


If gritty, passionate, and down right good punk music sounds good to you, then this is your band. Oh So Fresh!
Passionate and purposeful without feeling preachy, Conveyor keeps the catchiness steeped in grunts and grittiness.The A.V. Club
With the release of Conveyor, One Win Choice shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.Battle Of The Midwestern Housewives
Conveyor sounds like a hammer to your head while leaving you walking away humming lyrics or a particularly memorable guitar line.Exclaim!
One Win Choice has given its all, advancing its tested and true punk rock formula for an outright organic explosion of passion.
OWC seamlessly blend roaring, relentless power with tuneful moments that remain ingrained in your head … hands down its best work to date. AMP
Conveyor is a scrappy, driving effort taking a perfect hardcore formula and bringing it home with precision and
One Win Choice drop an album of bitter, pulsating, twisting and down-right impressive Punk Rock. One of the best of the year so far. Scanner Zine
An exceptional album from a band which has worked hard to put it out, so I would advise taking a listen immediately if not
Mammoth, punchy recording and loose, dynamic songwriting … Conveyor is fueled an angry itch that can’t be scratched
There is a unique harmony in the instrumentation that sets OWC apart from the jumbled cacophony that is the punk

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