Best Practices – Exclusive Video Premiere on Punknews

BEST PRACTICES – Exclusive Video Premiere on Punknews

• “Future Cougar” Video Streaming on
The EP LP Available Now on Tiny Engines
• Stream full album here


Providence, RI’s Best Practices released their debut album, The EP LP, this past summer on Tiny Engines (Dikembe, Restorations, State Faults). The band recently shot a video for the first single, “Future Cougar”, which can be viewed exclusively on

The The EP LP 12″ vinyl is limited to 500 pressed on three colorways (75 Yellow / 175 Black w/ screen printed B-side / 250 Translucent Green). All vinyl pre-orders come with an instant mp3 download for the 9-song album. You can stream the entire record on Bandcamp.

Featuring current/former members of Light The Fuse And Run, Wow, Owls!, Weak Teeth and Jesuscentric, Best Practices is a return to the fundamentals of punk rock. On the band’s Tiny Engines debut, The EP LP, the quartet lets loose a whirlwind of (garage power pop) punk fury. Recorded with Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere) at Dead Air Studios, Best Practices pummel their way through 9 songs in 12 glorious minutes. The band comes close to careening off the edge at points but never seem to overtake themselves. Chock full of razor sharp hooks Best Practices lays down a furious gauntlet that is as catchy as it is exhausting. All your left with as The EP LP fires towards the finish line is the feeling that you just want to do it all over again.

“If Dillinger Four grew up listening to Joyce Manor and played with the energy and rowdiness of early The Replacements it might sound like this.” AMP
“The EP LP is a one-sided 12-inch of punk that rests right in between Dillinger Four and Hot Snakes, with a little bit of twinkly emo sneaking in. It’s supremely angular and rousing garage rock.”
“I’ve been listening to this on repeat – easily one of my favourite releases of 2012 so far.”Collective Zine
“Forget Fucked Up!, Best Practices is where it’s at in 2012! How is this band not blowing up already?”Rock Freaks
“Best Practices have discovered the punk rock set of best practices, delivering fast, energetic punk rock heavily laden in short bursts.”

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