braidedveins – Song Premiere On Brooklyn Vegan / Debut 12″ Pre-Order Available From Save Your Generation

braidedveins – Song Premiere on Brooklyn Vegan / Debut 12″ Available For Pre-Order From Save Your Generation

• braidedveins’ Future/Forever 12″ EP coming in December on Save Your Generation
• First single on Absolute Punk / Youtube
• Members of: The Swellers, Empty Orchestra, Kid Brother Collective, The Conqueror Worm


Save Your Generation Records is excited to announce, Future/Forever, the debut 12″ from braidedveins is now available for Pre-Order.

braidedveins, a 5-person musical organization based in Flint, Michigan, and made from members of The Swellers, Empty Orchestra, Kid Brother Collective, The Conqueror Worm and others, present to you this document, in partnership with Save Your Generation Records: Future/Forever, a 7-song Extended Play album. Recorded by Nick Diener. Mixed/Mastered by Mark Michalik. Cover Art by Pat Perry.

You can check out an exclusive premiere for “On The Limits Of Tomorrow” on Brooklyn Vegan.

“On the Limits of Tomorrow” looks out on the landscape of wreckage and disaster that today has left — one in which the powerless and powerful have become even more so; one in which a real future is increasingly unimaginable. In the hard light of morning, this song asks the question that is always haunting an impossible tomorrow:
“Do you ever wish that you were dead?”

Additionally, you can stream the first single, “The Nature Cruise of the Century!,” on Absolute Punk or Youtube. The song charts the harrowing breakdown of a human body subjected to the ravages of capitalism.

The Future/Forever release show is scheduled for December 21st, 2013 at Flint Local 432 in Flint, MI, more details coming soon.

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