Belgrade – Video Premiere on PureVolume / Debut LP Available Now

BELGRADE – Video Premiere on PureVolume

• Self-Titled Debut LP Available Now
• “Consolation Prize” streaming on Alternative Press
• “Protest” streaming on Absolute Punk
• RIYL: The Jealous Sound, Nada Surf, Catherine Wheel, The Appleseed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate


Philadelphia’s Belgrade released their debut Self-Titled full-length earlier this year. The band features current and former members of bands such as Restorations, Metroplex, Ink & Dagger, The Progress, Brass and more. Belgrade have released a new video for the track “Venice On A Map” which is premiering exclusively onPureVolume now.

Additionally, “Consolation Prize” from the Self-Titled LP is streaming onAlternative Press and “Protest” is streaming on Absolute Punk. The album is streaming in full and available digitally on Bandcamp or iTunes. Also, the deluxe package on white vinyl with a 12-page lyric book and digital download is availableHERE.

Liquid-like ins & outs, Belgrade dare themselves a slap in the face with the glove of simplicity. A subversively straightforward reverb-fest. Cloaking pop smarts under blankets of echoes bounced off last night’s full moon, still ringing in the squinty-eyed hangover morning. Shimmer and swoon forward and back like a chorus for the night, to consume by day. Anthems for your cloudy nocturnal courage.

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