Beartrap is a DIY promotion and publicity company that’s focused on establishing a strong community with the people who are dedicated to making (or supporting) music for the sake of music.

In other words, we can assist you with all your press needs; whether it’s obtaining reviews / interviews, sending out press releases and news briefs or simply keeping the media updated with your every move, we’re all over it.

More importantly, Beartrap strives to be a forum where people can question conventional ideas. Fostering a tight-knit community of friends and colleagues who continue to challenge the status quo and excite us with their music is my number one priority. We contend that everyone has something special to contribute to this underground, DIY culture; here’s your opportunity to share it.

We also have a not-so-fancy motto. By saying it, you won’t persuade anyone of anything, but it’s waaaay catchier….

Beartrap and Bearhugs for Everyone!

For more information regarding our credentials, past and future projects and your band or label’s general needs, contact us!