Banquets (Jersey City, NJ)

Travis Omilian – Vocals/Guitar
Dave Frenson – Guitar/Vocals
Chris Larsen – Bass
Brian Maguire – Drums

Top Button, Bottom Shelf LP (Black Numbers)
Release Date: 8/23/11

Press Materials

1. 377
2. Just Me and My Canseco Rookie Card
3. Forever Bender
4. Sound Of Money
5. Best Night Of The Night
6. Fireplug
7. Heads Down, Thumbs Up
8. Unforgiven V
9. Sometimes A Wolf
10. Lips To The Ground

This Is Our Concern, Dude. 7″ (Black Numbers)
Release Date:

Press Materials

Side A:
Lyndon B. Magic Johnson
Eleanor, I Need a Garden (mp3)

Side B:
What a Bunch of Aaron Burrs
I Wish I Was a Little More Lou Diamond Phillips


OK, let’s get this straight. Banquets were named after Coors Original “Banquet” beer. Check. And yes, the title of the band’s debut 7-inch, This Is Our Concern, Dude. is a definite Lebowski reference. Check. So, I think we can humorously gather that perhaps Banquets were not originally stared with the most ambitious of intentions. But that is what makes these songs even more impressive. While admittedly the band was originally formed for “just fun” by a group of friends, Banquets approach to punk rock is a breath of fresh air in a far too crowded scene.

Banquets’ debut flashes some mighty impressive songwriting and a sharp, melodic ear. Driving guitars ring out over tuneful vocals and a pounding rhythm section. Of course all of this should come as little surprise given the band’s extensive pedigree.  Banquets lead singer Travis Omilian was the original singer for Let Me Run and other members have played in bands such as Static Radio NJ, The Stand In and The Banner. Their past experiences have obviously served them well on their debut effort. Banquets’ rustic, catchy songs should have fans of anthemic, melodic punk rock drooling for more.

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