What does Beartrap do?
That’s certainly a loaded question…but maybe one that we get asked the most around here.  I think it’s fairly well documented on our About page, but the simplest, most direct way to explain it is as such: we send your record (CD, EP, LP, 7″) to national print and online publications in order to obtain reviews, interviews and features for your band.

Of course, it’s much more than that.  Our job is to get your band’s name out to the general public and make it stick in their collective brains any way we possibly can. Whether it’s the previously mentioned reviews, sending out press releases, setting up album streams, giving away mp3s or even helping out with the occasional contest, we strive to keep our press contacts updated with your every move and more importantly, introduce your band to a wide audience of music lovers.

What are the criteria for joining Beartrap?
1) We must love your music.
2) We must have the time to fit you into the schedule.
3) We also want to work with awesome people who have strong DIY ethics.

Will you work our record?
Maybe (see above). But PLEASE go listen to some of the bands we have worked with here. That will give you an idea of what we dig before you send us anything. Even more importantly, understand that we are coming from a DIY indie/punk background here.  Fat bank accounts and fancy press kits don’t impress us: we ain’t working it if we don’t likey.

Will you tell me everything there is to know about Beartrap after listening to our one song  posted on myspace?
NO! First of all – myspace sucks a nut.  Sorry, but music simply does not sound good filtered through that particular website’s crappy media player and subsequently farted through an equally crappy set of computer speakers.  More than once I’ve encountered bands on myspace that I initially disliked, only to be blown away at a later date by their music while listening to high-quality mp3s / cd.  Myspace rarely does music any favors and it’s not really how we’d like to experience your band for the first time.

Secondly, if you’re interested in having Beartrap work your entire record, that’s what we’re going to base or decision on…because that’s what we’ll eventually end up pushing to press; not your one myspace song

All that aside, the simple fact is that we work with bands that we love.  It doesn’t make sense for us to dive into all the dirty details if we haven’t listened to your music closely first and considered whether or not it’s something we’re interested in.  We’ll certainly check out your myspace page for a brief minute or two – just to get a general idea of what you’re all about – but if you’re serious about working with Beartrap, send us a complete copy of your current / upcoming album.

How can I send you music?
Email us a zip file with mp3s.  Need contact info? Go here. You could also mail us a hard copy, but seriously … who does that any more? For the mailing address, email chuck@beartrappr.com

Do we have to be signed for you to work our record?
Definitely not. We have worked a ton of self-released records.

Are Beartrap services free?
For the love of God, NO! Chuck has two baby boys to feed and Will would like to reproduce at some point. With that being said we understand money is tight especially for smaller bands which quite frankly are the ones we love working with! Because of this we structure our rates as low as they come. And for what we offer we think we are worth every penny.

Can you send five records to your biggest press contacts for us?
Um no. We are not PR whores. Unless we love the band or the individuals in the band we like to keep our projects at a minimum of 50 physical copies of a record.

Can I intern for you?
No, we don’t do internships as of right now. Maybe one day if Chuck and Will ever work out of the same office (or actually have an office).

Can we be added to your press database to receive records?
Maybe. If you can email us your website or mail us your publication we’ll be glad to take a look.  If you own a zine that’s updated on semi-regular basis, you cover rad DIY bands and things are run with a semblance of professionalism, there’s a good chance we’ll hook your ass up.

Does Beartrap do tour press?
Perhaps in the future but right now we don’t have enough manpower.

Does Beartrap service college radio?

Chuck’s note: college radio is the biggest waste of time and money in indie rock EVER.

Can I get a list of your contacts?