Go Rydell

Go Rydell (Orlando, FL)

Brian Poehler – Drums
Camilo Silva – Guitar
Chris Scaduto – Vocals
Nick Noble – Guitar
Sean Dolan – Bass

The Golden Age (Black Numbers)

For such a young band Go Rydell confidently know their way around a punk rock tune. Formed in 2009 with their goal of playing a style of music the members grew up on, The Golden Age triumphantly delivers on that promise. With heartfelt romanticism that even the most jaded among us can appreciate, Go Rydell tear through ten songs in less than fifteen minutes. Mixing sincere lyrics with short bursts of punk rock fury Go Rydell create an energetic and positive atmosphere for all to behold.

Go Rydell’s dynamic take on melodic hardcore is ripe with passion and most of all, inclusion. Punk kids. Hardcore kids. Pop kids. This is the kind of band that simply brings them all together. Go Rydell is the common ground.

With a raw injection of conviction and enthusiasm, Go Rydell pushes beyond influences with supreme confidence. There is a pure nostalgia that emanates from every fiber of The Golden Age. But, while The Golden Age may take you back in time, Go Rydell has their sights firmly set on the future.

Press Contact: Will Miller – will@beartrappr.com