Only Thieves


Only Thieves (Tallahassee, FL)

Jeremy Barnes – vocals, guitar
Thomas Bacot – bass, vocals
Aubrey Young – drums
Marc Zivica – guitar, vocals


Heartless Romantics (self-released)
Release Date: January 18, 2011


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To put it bluntly, Only Thieves‘ debut full-length, Heartless Romantics, is a triumphant conquest of today’s indie rock. Piling layers upon layers of guitars soaked in a molasses of fuzz and overdrive – where rock-n-roll swagger and an old school slacker vibe collide with the urgency and grit of modern punk – the songs that make up this stunning release will certainly evoke memories of The Replacements, Superdrag, Buffalo Tom and other ’80s and early ’90s power-pop. But, there is a whole lot more to this Tallahassee outfit than just a nostalgic sound.

True, Heartless Romantics encompasses all the ethos of those torch-bearing bands of our youth but Only Thieves blends it with the ingenuity and modifications that outfits like the Gaslight Anthem and Lemuria have poured into today’s punk and indie genres. Furthermore, there is undefinable style and substance, not to mention a dynamic progression that when done right, makes driving, hook-filled rock sound absolutely timeless. This is a record that is truly nostalgic without seeming retro, but it’s also modern without sounding polished. Read more …


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Greetings From Levy Park, T.L.H. (self-released)
Release Date: May 05, 2009


It’s easy to pass on so much music these days. What with the barrage of bands constantly being thrown in our faces from various social networking sites, slowly fading fanzines and blogs. Tastemakers are constantly scrounging for the “next big thing” that can be swallowed and discarded.

Where do we turn in such tough times? How can we cut the meat with so much fat? Sharper knives brandished by thieves indeed. Only Thieves wield such weapons, and Greetings From Levy Park, T.L.H. is indicative of that.  It moves you. It makes you want to move.  Read more…


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