Everything Is Always Still Happening

Scream Hello Everything Is Always Still Happening (Red Leader)

Release Date: September 9, 2008

1. 35 Plums
2. You Have Good Taste
3. Business Ethics
4. The Kicker
5. Bullets
6. Golden Anniversary
7. Cocoon
8. We Don’t Exist
9. Vinegar and Baking Soda
10. 20/21

Approximately 22 seconds into Everything Is Always Still Happening – the moment when the first emphatic downstroke of the guitar ricochets through your eardrums, signaling the beginning of an absolutely monster riff – it becomes immediately apparent what SCREAM HELLO is all about: giant hooks, tons of heart and melodies that soar miles and miles into the stratosphere.  This is a debut full-length that’s just as much songwriting ability and musical chops as it is passion, excitement and emotion.

While Scream Hello isn’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes with their straightforward intentions, the New Brunswick, N.J. four piece have also discovered a rich, creative outlet within these 10 infectious tracks.  Yes, the album is essentially one uber-catchy indie rock opus, teeming with all the prerequisite heart-stopping highs and tear-jerking lows (minus any of the pretension and pandering).  But when the tempo calls for reckless punk abandon or choruses beg for an shouting choir of enthusiastic friends – or even when songs are stretched out to a very un-pop-like six or seven minutes – there’s a sense that Scream Hello simply does whatever feels right, however unconventional that might be.

There’s an camaraderie pulsing through Everything Is Always Still Happening. It truly feels like a close-knit group that simply wants to share the fun times and write songs that reflect that.  But Scream Hello have managed to let us all into their unbreakable circle as well.  The fellowship between band members is only strengthened by audience participation.  Every time someone sings along to a rousing chorus, mimics a hard-charging, hyperactive guitar line or pumps their fist in time with a kinetic beat, Scream Hello’s music makes that much more sense.  These are intrinsically personal stories that we all can nonetheless relate to, especially in tracks like “Golden Anniversary” or “The Kicker.” In the latter, front man James Caverly has composed a song for a significant other, but since that particular someone doesn’t exist right now, he offers it to us…

“Can’t think of anyone to have written this for / So listeners, I give this song to you / Until I find someone I adore.”

This type of sentiment and sincerity draws us close, but it’s the vim and vigor, not to mention the dynamic nature of these nostalgia-tinged songs, that make us want to stay for days and heightens the album’s replay value tenfold.  Scream Hello has the unique ability to break down the barriers of punk, indie, emo and hardcore, taking whatever remnants remain and building them back up with unforgettable, earnest melodies and unshakable optimism.

When you really think about it, Everything Is Always Still Happening is essentially pop music played with ferocity and a big heart.  It bleeds familiarity and warmth, welcoming the listener with open arms.  The approach is simple – the complexities arise within the emotions the evoked by the songs.  And really, isn’t that something we can all get on board with?

Scream Hello is James Caverly (vocals, guitar), Dan Kluxen (guitar) Adam Manus (drums) and Chris Connallon (bass).  Everything Is Always Still Happening was recorded and engineered by Nick Rotundo (Paint It Black, Boy Sets Fire None More Black) at Clay Creek Studios in Newark, D.E. in August of 2007.  The album will be out September 9th 2008 on Red Leader Records.  The label also released the band’s Smart & Stupid EP in April of 08 and the 2006 debut EP, The Infinite Son as well.  Scream Hello will be releasing a two-song 7-inch for Art of The Underground’s single series later this year as well.  For more info, go to www.myspace.com/screamhello or www.redleaderrecords.com

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