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Burners (Atlanta, GA): Debut EP Announced / New Song Premier

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BURNERS Announce FEAST: Debut Release Out Next Month

• Digital EP out Feb 12, 2013 from Money Pit Media – Free/ Pay-What-You-Want Download
• Featuring ex-members of Campaign, Jena Berlin, Mose Giganticus, Benard
AMP Magazine: Exclusive song stream for title track “Feast”


BURNERS (Atlanta, GA) is excited to announce that its debut, Feast, will be released on Feb 12, 2013 via the band’s own Money Pit Media. The six-song EP will be available in digital format as a free / pay-what-you-like download.

Featuring ex-members of Campaign, Jena Berlin, Mose Giganticus – as well as Atlanta underground DIY heroes Benard and Die Benny – Burners tears through 13 minutes of high-octane, thrash-inspired punk that elicits comparisons to bands such as Propagandhi, Title Fight and even Slayer. Feast never relents in tempo or fervor, but it still makes quite the impression during its brief run time … and long after as well.

To celebrate today’s announcement, the band has teamed up with AMP Magazine for an exclusive premier of “Feast,” the opener and title track for the EP. The song sets a blazing pace for the debut; abrasive, gutted and graveled, Burners combine the speed and biting stridency of older thrash legends while still retaining the raw-yet-infectious melodies of modern punk. To stream the new offering, go here.

Feast was recorded by Kevin Sellors (Campaign) at American Revolution Recordings and it was mastered by Carl Saff (Melt Banana, Young Widows, Ghosts And Vodka) at Saff Mastering in Chicago.

Stay tuned for additional Burners news. You can follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates as well.

Ex Friends – New 7″ EP Out January 2013 on Yo Yo Records

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• 7-Inch vinyl / digital out January 15, 2013 on Yo Yo Records
• Band fronted by Plow United songwriter / bassist Joel Tannenbaum
AMP Magazine: Exclusive song stream for “Punk Rock Wedding, Punk Rock Divorce”


EX FRIENDS (Philadelphia, PA) is excited to announce that it will be teaming up with Germany’s venerable Yo Yo Records (Latterman, Spraynard, Lemuria) for TWISTED AROUND, a new five-song EP which will see an official release date of January 15, 2013.

Featuring songwriter / bassist Joel Tannenbaum from the legendary (and recently reunited) Plow United, as well as noted punk artist JP Flexner on drums, Twisted Around was mixed and mastered by Arik Victor (Bouncing Souls, Kill Your Idols, The Casualties, Crime in Stereo) and is the follow-up to No Wonder We Prefer The Dark, which was released earlier this year on Paper + Plastick. The album will be available on digital and 7-inch vinyl formats, with the latter being limited to 500 copies on various colorways.

To celebrate today’s announcement, the band and label have teamed up with AMP Magazine for an exclusive song premier for “Punk Rock Wedding, Punk Rock Divorce.” Setting the tone for the upcoming EP, the track is an angry-yet-infectious-and funny tale of hope and disappointment set in Tannenbaum’s old West Philadelphia neighborhood … or some place like it. To stream the new offering, go here.

Watching things decay and fall apart with a wink and a grin is the order of the day on Twisted Around, and Ex Friends often sounds like a death pact between Phil Spector and a train-hopping junkie. Joel Tannenbaum’s scratchy singing and string-smashing guitar fight to a perpetual draw with bassist Audrey Crash’s plaintive vocals and fretless melodic flights. Jayme Guokas’ washes of delay and instantly memorable lead lines, along with J.P. Flexner’s frenetic drumming, split the difference.  Kind, cruel, compassionate, catchy as hell. Ex Friends is all those things you’ve ever felt, all those things you’ve ever done and regretted – or not done and regretted – shouted back at you in irresistible one minute and forty five second intervals.

Stay tuned for additional Ex Friends news, including details on pre-orders, album art and more streaming songs. You can follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

The Scutches – New LP Available For Pre-Order

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THE SCUTCHES: New Full-Length Now Available For Pre-Order

Ten Songs, Ten Years: out May 29, 2012 from Bright & Barrow (12″ + Digital )
Pre-Order Bonuses: test pressing raffle / instant mp3 DL of band’s 1st LP
AMP Magazine Premier: Exclusive song stream for “Summer Night


Ten Songs, Ten Years, the newest full-length from Long Island, NY’s The Scutches, is now available for pre-order from Bright & Barrow.

The album will see an official release date of May 29, 2012 on digital and 12″ formats, with the latter being limited to 500 on translucent orange vinyl. As a special bonus, anyone who purchases the LP will receive a free digital download of The Scutches 2007 debut full-length, Vinny Gets A Job. Additionally, vinyl pre-orders will automatically be entered in a contest to win a test pressing of Ten Songs, Ten Years.

To celebrate today’s announcement, Bright & Barrow and The Scutches have teamed up with AMP Magazine for an exclusive stream of the song “Summer Night.” To listen to, go here.

You can also stream the album’s first single, “Don’t Go,” via Alternative Press.

Influenced by the likes of pop-punk heavyweights such as The Queers and The Methadones – not to mention the sweet sounds of legends like Buddy Holly and Richie Valens – The Scutches has been the primary songwriting vehicle for Vincenzo Hoffer (guitar, bass, vocals) and Rich da Silva (drums, backup vocals) over the course of the last decade. Ten Songs, Ten Years is an virtual pop-punk classic in every way; from the instantly memorable choruses and undeniably infectious harmonies to the propulsive rhythm section that pushes along the blissful power-chord buzz of the guitars. The lyrics cover standard themes of love and heartbreak and just about everything in between, but Hoffer’s clever songwriting is delivered with just the right combination of sincerity and bite, keeping things interesting and fun throughout the album’s 26 minute run time. There’s nothing complicated about Ten Songs, Ten Years but that won’t keep this pop-punk gem it from finding a permanent spot in your collection next to other great records from the genre’s forefathers and contemporaries alike.

State Faults – Pre-Order Debut LP from Tiny Engines

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STATE FAULTS – Pre-Order Debut Full-Length from TINY ENGINES

Desolate Peaks 12″ LP out April 24, 2012
• Songs streaming on Alternative Press, AMP and Absolute Punk
• Test pressing contest, limited-edition slipmats, tees + more!


Desolate Peaks, the debut full-length from Santa Rosa, CA’s State Faults, is now available for pre-order from Tiny Engines (Tigers Jaw, CSTVT, Look Mexico, Restorations). The 12″ LP will see a April 24, 2012 release date. It’s also worth noting that all vinyl pre-orders come with an instant mp3 download for the 11-song album. The album is also available for early digital purchase here.

The Desolate Peaks vinyl is limited to 500 pressed on three colorways (75 Blue/Grey / 150 Deep Red / 275 Beige). The first 45 pre-orders will receive a limited-edition State Faults slipmat. Additionally, all pre-orders will be entered to win a test pressing of the record. There are also 3 LP packs and Tee + LP combos available for purchase.

You can hear brand new songs streaming from Desolate Peaks on Alternative Press, AMP and Absolute Punk. You can also stream another new song, “Arrowhead”, here.

Written over the span of close to a year, Desolate Peaks, is the debut full-length from State Faults. The band delivers on the album title imagery with an intense emotional landscape rarely traveled. Drawing upon elements of 90’s emo and post-hardcore, State Faults is explosive but not to the extent where it overpowers the nuances of the band’s songwriting. These songs are always able to breathe to their full potential. The band is adventurous and always pushing forward but never choose to wallow in grandiosity. On Desolate Peaks State Faults is able to find a perfect balance between craft and composition.

Desolate Peaks will be the follow up to the band’s debut EP, Head In The Clouds, which can still be downloaded for free here.

Formed in early 2010, State Faults consists of four soulmates with a DIY ethic trying to make honest and emotionally charged music. Huddled together in the California heat, the band created a tightly knit sound which gave birth to an impressive self-released debut EP, Head In The Clouds. Released in late 2010, the EP quickly spread through word of mouth and the band began to cultivate a devoted following. In what can only be described as an advancement of the sound created on Head In The Clouds, the band’s Tiny Engines debut, Desolate Peaks, takes State Faults to new uncharted levels.

Be sure to follow Tiny Engines’ Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter pages for more exclusive news over the next few months.

The Mighty Fine – In Revival Vinyl Pre-Order

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THE MIGHTY FINEIN REVIVAL 12″ Vinyl Now Available For Pre-Order

• Out April 10, 2012 from Solidarity Recordings + La Escalera Records
• Full album now available for Free Download
• March + April Shows


The vinyl version of In Revival, the sophomore full-length from San Luis Obispo, CA’s The Mighty Fine, is now available for Pre-Order from Solidarity Recordings and La Escalera Records.

Originally released on CD and Digital formats by Solidarity last Summer, the 12″ LP is limited to 500 copies on four colorways (100 Teal, 100 White, 100 Red, 200 Black) and includes a free digital download of a brand new three-song acoustic EP titled Burning Rust. While the street date is April 10th, pre-orders will ship within the next few weeks. For more information or to grab a copy, go here and here.

As an added bonus, In Revival is now available in its entirety as a free download via Bandcamp. Listen to “To Indiana” and “Paper Trails” (free mp3s) now.

Produced by Nolan Perry, mastered by Justin Perkins (Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales, Direct Hit!) and featuring artwork from Dave Watt, In Revival is the follow-up to The Mighty Fine’s 2010 self-released full-length, Bad Timing For Everything. On its latest stellar effort, the California trio extolls the most positive virtues of contemporaries such as The Menzingers and Against Me! – driving, punchy rhythms, soaring choruses and dynamic song structures – while still carving out a unique space for itself within the crowded punk universe. Played with passion and a fiery conviction, but also executed with precision and carefully considered ideas, In Revival bares the mark of a band ready for bigger and better things.

The Mighty Fine will be playing a handful of shows in March and April. As always, if you have any questions or would like to speak with the band, drop me a line here.

And finally – just for funsies – check out this video of an onstage marriage proposal in the middle of a recent set by The Mighty Fine at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo. It’s pretty adorable (if you’re into this sort of thing).


MAR 16 – Paso Robles, CA @ Conner’s House w/ Heart To Heart
MAR 22 – Paso Robles, CA @ Manny’s Pizza & Grill w/ Heartsounds, Versus The World, Arabel
MAR 23 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Velvet Jones w/ Heartsounds, Versus The World
MAR 30 – Santa Maria, CA @ Events Center w/ From The Top, New Tomorrow, Last Call, Heart To Heart, more
APR 10 – San Luis Obispo, CA @ TBA (Vinyl Release Show) w/ The Shell Corporation
APR 11 – Ventura, CA @ Billy O’s w/ The Shell Corporation
APR 12 – San Diego, CA @ The Tower Bar w/ The Shell Corporation, Bastards of Young, Beside Myself
APR 13 – 14 – Tucson, AZ @ Way Out West Fest w/ French Exit, Civil War Rust, Gunner’s Daughter, Why I Hate, The Shell Corporation, more


Raw yet refined and melodic yet hard hitting, The Mighty Fine have skipped a couple rungs on the punk rock ladder … a must hear band.AMP Magazine
A stimulating blend of punk, rock and roots with harmonies proving to be influential in crafting a punchy sound coated with melodiousness.Room Thirteen
A very melodic record with impressive harmonies and riffs. It’s just flat out interesting. It’s a pretty awesome sound and I fell in love right away.Idle And The Bear
The Mighty Fine race through 12 songs that will get you belting along in no time, and “In Revival” they crank out some fine rootsy punk rock. Punk Rock Theory

Black Numbers 4-Way Split LP The Copyrights, Grey Area, The Reveling, Luther – Streams / Release Shows

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BLACK NUMBERS 4-Way Split Streams / Release Shows

* Full Album Stream on Punknews
* Exclusive Song Streams on Alternative Press & AMP
* Upcoming Release Shows in Brooklyn & Philly


Black Numbers (Grey Area, Go Rydell, Luther, PJ Bond) recently released a 4-Way Split between The Copyrights, Grey Area, The Reveling and Luther. This release follows up The Copyrights’ 2011 album, North Sentinel Island, on Red Scare. This is also the follow up to Grey Area’s split 7″ with Go Rydell, Luther’s Siblings & Sevens 12″ and The Reveling’s Tributaries LP/CD, all released on Black Numbers in 2011.

You can check out the full album stream on Punknews now as well as the exclusive song streams below:

* The Copyrights “The New Frontier” streaming at Alternative Press
* Grey Area “Lucky” streaming at Alternative Press
* The Reveling “Trust Me” streaming at AMP
* Luther “The Door Is A Penthouse” streaming at AMP

The 12″ vinyl for the 4-Way Split is limited to 500 on three different colorways (100 clear, 150 transparent red, 250 transparent green) and is available for order along with new T-shirt designs and limited sale packages. Visit the Black Numbers Webstore for more info.

Last but certainly not least, Grey Area, Luther and The Reveling will be headlining two releases shows in Brooklyn and Philadelphia on January 27th & 28th. Details below…


JAN 27 – Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus w/ Grey Area, The Reveling, Luther and Nightmares For A Week
JAN 28 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire w/ Grey Area, The Reveling, Luther, Nightmares For A Week and One Win Choice