The Holy Mess

The Holy Mess (Philadelphia, PA)

Rob Malloy – Guitar and Vocals
SteveO Niemoczynski – Bass and Vocals
Scott Engel – Guitar
Keith Yosco – Drums

Benefit Sesh 7″ (Evil Weevil)

“Punk” has been twisted, manipulated and dragged through the mud for so long it is hard to sense that genuine spirit in bands anymore. I mean let’s face it; punk rock seems like such an empty phrase these days. That’s why a band like The Holy Mess sounds so damn refreshing. As soon as that first chord rings out from Benefit Sesh, you know these guys are a different breed.

The Holy Mess uses the rich punk history of Philadelphia as an instrumental tapestry for their weathered style. The band combines those Philly influences with patented Midwest gruffness and some East Bay pop/punk to complete a winning sound. Sure, Benefit Sesh is catchy but don’t let that scare you off! This is punk rock that’s got more than enough dirt under the fingernails to keep your cred firmly intact.

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