The Saddest Landscape

The Saddest Landscape (Boston/New York)

Andy Maddox – vocals/guitars
Aaron Neigher – drums
Mike Van Buren – bass
Eric Mauro – guitar

You Will Not Survive (Panic)

Haunting and massive in its scope, The Saddest Landscape’s You Will Not Survive echoes a maelstrom of emotions while retaining a staggering poise and precision. Rarely does a record push you so close to the edge only to save you at its dying breath. The Saddest Landscape provides cathartic therapy for desperate and dark matters of the heart. With passionate vocals and pummeling, powerful musical landscapes the band never relents nor wavers as they drag you through their own personal hell.

It is the fear of the journey that eventually makes us stronger and You Will Not Survive is that voyage. Time away has only enhanced The Saddest Landscape’s aggressive vitriol. The band has redefined expectations firmly reestablishing themselves back in a scene that desperately needs them. You Will Not Survive further entrenches The Saddest Landscape as an uncompromising pioneer in the ever-evolving screamo genre.

Originally formed in 2002, The Saddest Landscape quickly made a name for itself in the screamo underground with multiple releases and splits with greats like The Pine and Funeral Diner. After laying dormant for 2006 and 2007, the band reconvened to play a few European shows in 2008, which would eventually lead to The Saddest Landscape’s reemergence. In 2009 new material surfaced with the band’s first new release since 2005, a split 7″ with Trophy Scars. Also of note, in the Winter of 2009 the band released a 2xLP vinyl discography, All Is Apologized For. All Is Forgiven., on its own Cover Your Heart Records. You Will Not Survive is the band’s first full-length record in seven years and will be released by Panic Records on September 28th, 2010.

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