Transit (Boston, MA)

Tim Landers – guitar / vocals
Joe Boynton – vocals
Joe Lacy – guitar / vocals
Daniel Frazier – drums
PJ Jefferson – bass


Stay Home EP (Run For Cover)
Release Date: April 14, 2009


Something tells me that Transit has probably been slapped with the “emotional hardcore” tag more than a few times.  Granted, the Boston five piece certainly fits the bill; their stamp on the genre feels intensely cathartic…as if each member of the band is hell bent on purging his soul with every furious, heart-wrenching note that passes through the speakers.  And that’s one of the reasons why I’m less concerned with the group being labelled as such.  While the term has been recycled to the point of redundancy, Transit truly sound like they’re playing punk rock as if their lives depend on it.

Of course, that completely ignores one of the quintet’s most compelling strengths: writing  surprisingly complex, innovative songs that not only get our blood boiling, but that work over the the old brain muscle as well.  Read more…


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